How It Works

Producing marketing materials, website content, emails, landing pages, data sheets, and white papers can be a nightmare. Finding and coordinating dependable writers who can learn a client’s brand, understand their products and market, and still deliver the copy quickly can end up adding hours to a simple project.

Copy on Command eliminates that problem. With over 25 years of product and services marketing and strategy experience online, I understand your challenges and can work with your system.

You give a brief overview of the project requirements and I will provide the copy in an agreed upon amount of time. So you can get a ballpark: I can usually write an email and accompanying landing page within 24 hours.

I do at least an hour of research on everything I write. Targeted marketing is my specialty and I have a deep understanding of both online subcultures and the corporate technical world. I have worked both client side and customer side, been a profit center and a cost center. B2B and B2C.

Contact me to get your project quote today.

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